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Biography – Ciaran

Name and Origin: Ciaran O’Reilly (pronounced “KEER-un”).

Date and Place of Birth: 1984 Lisdoonvarna, (County Clare) Ireland.

Parents:  Ciaran’s parents are still alive, as is his younger brother, Sean. Ciaran went to Charleston to stay with his cousin and escape von Gault, but he was attacked by him there. After Anselm rescued him, he ended up calling his family and telling them he was staying in America because he had a job. He still calls them regularly, although he has not seen them since he came to America.

Religion:  Catholic (big surprise there, huh?). Like many people (including many Irish people, I might point out), Ciaran became rather lax in his religious practice when he went off to college. He actually tries not to spend much time thinking about religion, because it terrifies him to think that he might be damned to hell for being a vampire.

How He Was Turned:  Ciaran doesn’t actually remember being turned.  He knows he went out to a pub to drink, and he can remember meeting a woman and leaving with her. The next thing he can remember is lying in the gutter on nearly the opposite side of town (Galway) from where he started. It took him a few hours, but between his eyeteeth falling out (fangs would grow in over the course of a few days) and getting burned every time he went into the sunlight, he figured out what he was.

Needless to say he has been careful with both alcohol and women since then.

Interests and Hobbies: Ciaran's major hobby, before being turned, was singing. Since then, however, he has been at odds and ends; he doesn't really know what to do with himself since he lost his livelihood and future plans. He spends a lot of time watching BBC America and is fond of old episodes of Fawlty Towers, Blackadder, Red Dwarf, and Father Ted. Like many Irish people, he is very social and he enjoys just sitting around and talking with others--which makes the ostracization of the Canichmehah especially painful. When Kalyn acts friendly towards him, he latches onto that with something approaching desperation. She becomes his closest friend, and he always remains grateful to her for her kindness.

Bet You Didn’t Know: Ciaran was a music major in college and classically-trained tenor.

The Quotable Vampire: "I don’t have to know German to know when I’m being called a knobjockey—or something to that effect."

(Image is of English rugby player Shane Geraghty.)

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