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Biography – Isaac

Name and Origin: Isaac ben Samuel (Yitzhak ben Shmuel v’Milah).

Until the late middle ages/early modern period, when governments began forcing everyone—including Jews—to take a family name, Jews identified themselves as the son or daughter of someone else ("ben" or "bat" respectively)--thus why Isaac's last name is ben Samuel, but his son's last name is ben Isaac.

Date and Place of Birth: 1053, Jerusalem

Parents:  His sire was his biological son, Micah.

Religion:  Jewish

Isaac, more than anyone else, feels estranged from his religion. He has never really reconciled blood-drinking and being Jewish--although he has remained fairly observant. He constantly wrestles with the Jew he thinks he ought to be—and can't be—and the Jew he actually is.

He most closely identifies with the Conservative movement. 

How He Was Turned:  When the Crusaders laid siege to Jerusalem (in 1099), Isaac joined with most of the other men in the city to defend it. He was on one of the walls when they were overwhelmed by the Frankish force and he ended up with a deep cut in his left side. He was unconscious when Micah finally found him, several hours after the city had fallen. Micah managed to revive him to a semi-conscious state, but he was not aware of what Micah was doing when Micah fed him blood. When he awoke a couple of hours later, he was in a strange, dark room with Micah sitting beside him. Micah then explained what he had done to save his life--and that the rest of their family had been slain.

Isaac never said anything to Micah, but there were many times—that day and for centuries later—when he wished Micah had never turned him. He understood why Micah did it—Micah couldn’t bear the thought of losing one more person in his family—but if he had had a choice, he would have preferred to die with his family.

Hobbies and Interests: Isaac is a homebody and very family-oriented, so he can typically be found in his living room. When he’s alone, he likes watching movies or reading thrillers. But he much prefers to spend his time with other people, and he’s the primary reason why everyone in the Lenoir City group is so close and friendly. He often arranges group activities—everything from cookouts to volleyball and fireworks on the Fourth of July—and he’s the primary babysitter for the group’s Yaechahre (Micah is secondary).

His Nemesis: Math/accounting.

Bet You Didn’t Know: Isaac was a kosher butcher when he was human--as were four generations of men before him. He can actually perform nikkur--the delicate and tedious process whereby the sciatic nerve is separated from the meat, thus producing kosher filet mignon, sirloin, and leg of lamb. When the Yaechahre of the group kept livestock--back in the 40's and 50's--he and Micah butchered everything for them.

The Quotable Vampire: “Love’s a bitch, ain’t it?"

(Image is of actor Henry Goodman.)

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