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Biography – Jeremy

Name and Origin: Jeremy Caldwell, Canichmeh

Date and Place of Birth: February 3, 1975, Boone, NC.  Turned June 10, 2007 (age 32), Lenoir City, Tennessee.

Parents: Jeremy’s parents are still alive, although his father is in failing health. He also has a sister, Dana, who is a couple of years younger than he is. She knows that he’s a vampire, and she knows about Rose. Dana’s significant other, David, has also been told; the four of them get together regularly and socialize. 

Jeremy hasn’t told his parents what he is yet, though. He and his sister have agreed that he will never tell their father, as his health is too poor and he wouldn’t understand. Jeremy plans on telling his mother, though, after his father passes away.  

Religion: Jeremy doesn’t identify with any particular religion. 

How He Was Turned: Rose was working in Knoxville at an ad agency when Jeremy was hired and placed on her team.  They quickly developed a close friendship, both of them being intelligent, sophisticated, and quiet. They were soon having lunch together frequently (Jeremy teased Rose about never being able to finish her lunch; she said her thinness was because she had never had much of an appetite).

They had known each other about a year when Rose noticed that something had changed about Jeremy’s scent. She started trying to unobtrusively nudge him into getting  a physical, but because he felt perfectly healthy, he shrugged it off. One day he came into work and something was obviously wrong; he looked and acted like he was sick. He finally confessed in private to Rose that he was having trouble urinating and had passed blood the night before. He was scared enough at that point that he made an appointment to see a doctor.

His doctor performed some tests, but told him that he likely just had a urinary tract infection. The following Thursday, however, the doctor’s office called him in to discuss his results. He called Rose from the parking lot of the doctor’s office an hour later; he had testicular cancer. He was given no chance of long-term survival, and with radiation and chemotherapy—which would make him both sterile and impotent—he might only buy himself five years. He was so upset he couldn’t drive himself home. Rose picked him up and took him home with her to stay the night. 

The next day she talked him into staying with her over the weekend—to give himself time to compose himself and figure out what he wanted to do before he told his family. While he went back home to get a change of clothes, Rose talked to Isaac about confessing herself to Jeremy and offering to turn him. Isaac supported her decision, so when Jeremy came back, she told him what she was, and offered to turn him to save his life. She also introduced him to Isaac, Micah and Anselm, who honestly discussed the pros and cons of being a vampire. He also met with Rob and Alice, who explained what it was like being a Yaechahre and how all of them worked together as a group. 

Jeremy took a week to think about it before he finally came back to Rose and asked her to turn him. He scheduled a leave of absence from work and the group helped him move into Rose’s house. The day before Rose was going to turn him, Rob and Alice threw him a farewell-to-food party, and anything he wanted to eat or drink, they supplied it. All of the Yaechahre ate all day, and it was the wee hours of the morning before he stumbled back to Rose’s house and passed out drunk on her couch. He was still so hungover the next day she couldn’t turn him (if she had taken from him in that state, she would have gotten drunk from the alcohol in his bloodstream); they had to postpone his turning a day. This is something that is still a joke in the group.  

Hobbies and Interests: Like Rose, Jeremy prefers to work full-time. In his spare time, he likes to read--thrillers, crime novels, and mysteries--and partcipates in WWII reenacting with Rose. He also likes to swing dance.

Bet You Didn’t Know: Rose and Jeremy’s relationship is platonic. Jeremy wouldn’t mind if Rose wanted to date, but she is still somewhat emotionally distant. He's content to wait her out, though. After all, he has—conceivably—forever.

The Quotable Vampire: "I wouldn’t even be alive if it weren’t for Rose; I would have never given her up—not for anything."

(Image is of museum director Carl Grouwet.)

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