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Biography – Kalyn

Name and Origin: Kalyn Elizabeth Reid. Kalyn was born Yaechahre and was Accepted May 22, 2009. 

Date and Place of Birth: May 22, 1993, Lenoir City, Tennessee.

Parents:  Robert and Alice Reid. 

Religion:  Episcopalian. Before meeting Rob, Alice was just a generic religious person, having no affiliation with any particular religion, but having a belief in God. Rob was born and raised Catholic, but switched to the Episcopal church when he became disillusioned with the Catholic church as a teen. He nudged Alice into going to church with him on a regular basis, and Kalyn was baptized and confirmed in the Episcopal church. 

But having grown up so close to Micah and Isaac, Kalyn has a fondness for Judaism, and it sometimes colors her views of Christianity. 

How She Was Turned:  Oh, wouldn’t you like to know if she gets turned???

Bet You Didn’t Know: In the original Incarnation (the short story that started it all), Kalyn was in her early 20’s. It wasn’t until I sat down to rewrite the book that I suddenly had the idea to open with a girl having her coming-of-age ceremony. I chose the age of 16 because that has traditionally been the age at which a girl was considered a woman.

Hobbies and Interests: Kalyn does competitive cheerleading at school. She enjoys spending time with other people, and she will generally go along with whatever anyone else wants to do. She is especially fond of watching football with her dad and is a big UT fan (of course).

Her Nemesis: Foreign languages.

The Quotable Yaechahre: "So my neighbors are vampires, and my mom and dad go over to their houses two or three times a week to give them some blood. We still own a minivan and watch cable TV.”

(Image is of actress Astrid Berges-Frisbe.)

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