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Biography – Marie

Name: Marie Laroche, Marquise of Grimaud (title was lost during the Revolution)

Date and Place of Birth: 1739, Toulon, France.

Religion: Catholic, non-practicing.

How She Was Turned: Marie’s parents—who were wealthy merchants—arranged her marriage when she was 15 to a man of minor nobility who was 38 years her senior. When Marie discovered that he really had no use for her—only for her family’s money—she began to take lovers. In 1761, she met the Marquis of Grimaud, Nicodème, who intrigued her more than any man she had ever met before. She soon became involved with him and he told her that he was a vampire. She never officially became Yaechahre, although she did feed him whenever she was with him.

Nine years later, when her husband finally died, she and Nicodème married and he turned her (she will admit that she accepted because she was vain; she didn’t want to get any older). They lived together quite happily until the Revolution intruded on their peaceful little corner of Provence. They were attacked and seized in the middle of the night by rebels who had come in from a different area (Nicodème was fair to his people and they refused to join in rebelling against him—although they also refused to step in to help him). Nicodème managed to hold enough of them off that Marie was able to escape, but he was killed.

Marie spent some time serving as a nurse with Napoleon’s army (which is how she met Anselm), but in 1830 she went to Charleston, where her family had gone when they fled the Revolution. Her brother had died a bachelor, and he left Marie the house she is living in during the first book.

Children: Marie never had any biological children. She has one vampire child, Boaz; they are estranged.

Hobbies and Interests: Marie dotes on her house the way other people dote on pets; she loves decorating and does quite a few of her home repairs herself. She also loves horses and riding, and she owns three mares and a Friesian stallion (Zeus), which she breeds.

Bet You Didn’t Know: Marie is currently involved with her Second, Jean. Neither of them would claim they’re dating—because that implies exclusivity—but neither of them are seeing other people, either. It is really more of a case of both of them being in commitment denial. They're actually quite devoted to one another.

The Quotable Vampire: “If either one of you challenges him, il sera ton cul.” (“It’s your ass.”)

(Marie's image is of French actress Audrey Tautou. Jean's image is of actor Paul Hogan.)

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