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Biography – Micah

Name: Micah ben Isaac (Micah ben Yitzhak)

His name is pronounced my-cuh by everyone but his father, who uses the Hebrew pronunciation me-cuh.

Date and Place of Birth: 1079, Jerusalem

Parents: Isaac and (as of yet) unnamed mother. Micah was their firstborn and only son; he was followed by five sisters (which is a lot of the reason why he is fond children, especially girls; he helped raise his sisters).

Children: He turned his biological father, Isaac

Other family members: Anselm, brother by declaration (here is the story of how they met). Joshua is his great-great grandsire.

Religion:  Jewish.

Micah is a secular, “Yom Kippur Jew,” which means he observes Yom Kippur, and not much of anything else. However, he does begin to make something of a reconnection with his faith as the books progress.

How He Was Turned:  Micah is reluctant to speak about this to most people, even to Anselm. Micah was turned by choice (not to save his life) when he was nineteen, and he seems ashamed of the thought process (or lack thereof) that lead him to make that decision–sort of like getting a tattoo when you’re teenager, then regretting it when you’re thirty. Micah did make the comment to Anselm, once, that his sire owned a brothel—but how he came to know a brothel owner, or why he let her turn him is not volunteered information.

Interests and Hobbies: Micah is fond of anything that’s humorous or inherently destructive. He likes target shooting and off-roading. He and Anselm both have taken a variety of martial arts classes, and Micah enjoys practicing with Anselm (he and Anselm are very well-matched, and can cheat by reading the other’s mind; their competitions can go on for quite some time). He also enjoys computers, programming, and computer gaming (especially first-person shooting). When he’s not actually or virtually destroying things, he can usually be found relaxing on the couch with a PC or gun magazine.

His Nemesis: Math and waiting in line (anything requiring patience, actually).

Bet You Didn’t Know: Micah’s name in Incarnation Two was Trallick.  Oh, how glad I am that I decided to give my characters names which are correct to the time, place, and culture in which they were born, as opposed to going the sci-fi/ fantasy route with made-up names—especially as I never liked that name in the first place.

He and his father weren't Jews in that version, either.

The Quotable Vampire: “It’s a custom load–.308 caliber, 175 grain, Sierra Match King boat-tail hollow point, in Lake City Arsenal brass, with over 42.5 grains of IMR 4064 powder and a Federal Large Rifle Primer. …For when you care enough to send the very best.”

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