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Biography – Rose

Name: Rosalind Faye Stewart (nee Matthews)

Rose was born into the Yaechahre and served in that capacity from the time she was 16 until she was 32.

Date and Place of Birth: 1909 Knoxville, TN

Husband:  James McCarthy Stewart, Canichmeh

Rose and James married in Birmingham, AL, April 3, 1926.

James died July 28, 1945. 

Parents: Albert Matthews and Delia Ann Matthews (nee Covington)

Religion: She was raised Baptist, but became a Lutheran after she married her husband. She has not had much of a spiritual life since her husband died, although she still has a belief in God and the afterlife.

When She Was Turned:  December 8, 1941. Rose considered becoming a vampire for some years, but didn’t commit until Pearl Harbor was bombed. Like many Americans, she developed a sense of immediacy, as no one knew what the War would bring. Only instead of running out and getting married—the most common response to the U.S. entrance to the War—she finally asked her husband to turn her.

Hobbies and Interests: Rose is an excellent seamstress. While she doesn't make as many of her clothes now as she once did, she still makes some. She's also not afraid to alter store-bought clothes, with the result that everything she wears fits her perfectly.

She also participates in World War II re-enacting. No one but Jeremy--who also plays with her--knows that her WASP uniform is not a replica, but the one originally issued to her in 1943.

Unlike the others in the group, Rose likes to work; it gives her something to do with her time. She was working for an ad agency in Knoxville when she met Jeremy. They both still work for the same company.

Bet You Didn’t Know: Both of my grandmothers’ middle names are Fay(e), which is how Rose came by her middle name.  Her maiden name, Matthews, comes from a lady I used to know at church, Mrs. Frances Matthews. Rose’s husband’s last name, Stewart, is a nod to my husband’s nickname—Stuart.

(Image is of the late actress Gia Scala.)

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