(Book Two)

Kalyn's summer of hell is over, and all that remains of it are nightmares and flowers on graves.


Although she now lives in a house full of vampires, she has some sense of normalcy again. Her concerns are those of a normal teenager: school, friends, cheerleading, choosing a college, and first love.


But a fateful accident not only turns her world upside down again, but threatens Anselm and Micah's friendship as well. Now all three of them are locked in a precarious dance of love and loyalty and blood, and one wrong step will break apart their union forever.  


     Kalyn turned to see another young man coming out of the van parked across from her car. Before she even realized what he was doing, the second man pulled a gun from inside his open coat, aimed it at Ciaran’s back and fired once.

     Kalyn screamed.

     Then it seemed that time slowed down until it was impossibly slow. He turned to her, the gun still held out in front of him. Kalyn took a step back. It was like something out of a nightmare, staring down the barrel of his revolver. She felt a punch in the stomach—so hard it knocked her backwards—before she even heard the pop of the gun.


Scheduled for publication Fall 2014


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