(Book Three)

In 1947, a Canichmeh is convicted of biting children and, against Joshua's advice, the Council votes to banish him. Terrified that a child-killer is being set loose on humanity, Joshua does everything in his power to hunt the man down and execute him, but he disappears without a trace....


The days are sunny and hot when Kalyn arrives at college in Jerusalem for the summer semester--Anselm, Micah, and Ciaran in tow. As Kalyn learns history and biology alongside Avi, she and Micah and Anselm slowly learn to function as a cohesive whole.


And then, in the middle of the night, Kalyn wakes to find a man standing over her with a gun. Screams and gunfire echo throughout the domitory. Joshua and the rest of the Council are held hostage.  


As the sins of the past come back to haunt the Canichmehah, the survivors put the last of their hope in an ancient legend that promises that Naamah, the first vampire, will come back at the darkest hour to save her people. But perhaps the survival of thier people really depends on their willingness to die for each other.


     Kalyn slowly walked into the living room, the Imuechmeh following close behind. Anselm and his captor were right behind hers.

     Ciaran was already on his knees, with his hands behind his head. There was a stranger there too, wearing nothing but a pair of blue plaid boxers. It took a moment for Kalyn's disoriented brain to recognize Avi. He looked completely different without his glasses and shirt.

      Micah was the last to come into the living room, and he was forced to kneel with the rest of them.

     “Who’s this one?” one Imuechmeh asked, nodding to Avi.

      The nearest one leaned down a little and sniffed. “Human. We’re not keeping those.” He raised his gun to Avi's head.

      “NO!” Kalyn screamed.


Scheduled for publication Fall 2016 


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