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The Bloodsuckers: Vampire Lawyers of Middle Tennessee


Scott Cunningham is a vampire just trying to make a living. After all, being undead isn’t cheap. There’s rent to pay, blood to buy, and child support due; it’s an eternal treadmill.

You would think it would be terribly boring, but as Scott is finding out, unlife as a lawyer in rural Tennessee is anything but.


"The Bloodsuckers" is a serial novel published weekly on my blog (free). Rated R.


You can download Episodes 1-10 and 11-20 from Smashwords.







The Last Golden Dragon


Aine is a willful young woman, determined to travel the world and become a bard of great renown. But first she has to have stories to tell. So one night she sneaks away from home and sets out on a journey to find the last golden dragon.


But, instead, she meets Eamonn—a solitary young man who is not quite what he seems. A lifelong companion of the dragon, he can give Aine the stories she’s looking for, but can she give him what he needs most in return?


“The Last Golden Dragon” is a romantic fairy tale of approximately 14,000 words. Although intended for an adult audience, its PG rating makes it acceptable for pre-teens and teens as well.


(Illustration by M. L. Perkins (a.k.a. Oakendragon) and reprinted with permission.)







The Widow


Carol Headley’s life came to a standstill when a terrorist’s bullet took the life of her husband, Wyatt. Two years later, she’s still in mourning—refusing the demands of her friends and family members to move on with her life.

But when her best friend gives her six weeks of creative writing classes as a birthday gift, Carol can’t say no. And to her surprise, she finds herself enjoying being in the company of other people again—especially the art teacher, Daniel.

A warm, friendly man, Daniel quickly draws Carol out of her shell as they share their creative endeavors, and he eventually convinces her to model for him. As Daniel pours Carol’s sadness into his painting, she begins to find the inspiration to love again.

“The Widow” is a sweet, contemporary romance of approximately 15,200 words.




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